Adolescence Template

Adolescence is a process from which no human being is exempt, this stage in society is often defined as the most complicated period. In the education sector, it is very important to know how to approach the topic of adolescence and the best way to capture it for the learning of others is through this PowerPoint or Google Slides format. This template is very original, it contains eye-catching backgrounds and designs.

The best thing about this template is that it is completely free, plus it has 34 slides for PowerPoint presentations and Google Slides, which are very useful to include graphics, timelines and some vectors. These resources are characterized by being of great help and allow you to give a personalized and unique touch to your presentations. In addition to the fact that many of the resources offered by the template are adapted to professional needs, that is why this is the best option.

Free PowerPoint Template and Google Slides Themes

Features of the template

  • It has 36 slides in total
  • The size is 16:9
  • The graphics are editable
  • Images are of high quality
  • Icons can be edited and customized to your own style
  • The font available for the texts is Open Sans

Download this template

Currently, this and many more educational PowerPoint and Google Slides templates are available for all types of presentations to be carried out. With these templates presentations have better aesthetics, as they use high quality formats such as ppt and pptx.

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