Artists Template

An artist can be defined as a person capable of developing his creativity and showing it through paintings, music, films, among others. The importance lies in the fact that through art it is possible to transmit ideas and feelings, which is essential to promote solutions to the problems faced by society. Likewise, our artists template is very important to illustrate presentations that seek to highlight the work of painters, singers, composers and more.

Our artists template for PowerPoint and Google Slides is made up of colorful backgrounds, combined with perfect art-inspired images. Within each of its slides you will find everything from text boxes available, to important timelines and 100% editable percentage charts. Additionally, you have the opportunity to download this ppt resource for free and immediately apply its Canva compatible version, to make your presentation as a team and online.

Free Artist Template for PowerPoint and Google Slides

Main features

  • 24 slides 100% editable
  • 16:9 widescreen format suitable for all screens
  • High quality royalty-free images
  • Included resources: charts, graphs, timelines and diagrams
  • More than 100 icons customizable in color and size
  • Main font: Arial
  • Predominant color: Yellow

Download this template

Currently there are many ways to express art, to get a custom design for everyone, just enter our list of Google Slides themes and art PowerPoint templates. Here you will find many custom ppt designs with educational images, colors and tools 100% editable and free.

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