Cell Templates

One of the most vital components in living beings are cells, they are distributed around the human body and are responsible for absorbing the nutrients provided by food. A perfect way to outline information about cells is through this digital material to make PowerPoint and Google Slides presentations. The cells template is very original and dynamic for this topic, it contains eye-catching backgrounds that can be edited.

In total there are 36 slides that include the template for PowerPoint and Google Slides, with each of these you can make graphs, timelines and vectors. In addition, this extraordinary template allows you to structure each of the parts of the cells in a clear, precise and orderly manner so that the presentations have a greater educational scope in the exhibitions. The main advantage of this one of our templates is that it can also be used in Canva and it is free to download.

Free Cell Template for PowerPoint and Google Slides

Features of the template

  • It consists of 36 slides
  • The size is 16:9
  • The graphics are editable
  • Images are of high quality
  • It has a lot of icons and has the option to change them
  • The font available for the texts is Arial

Download this template

As well as this presentation is enriched with all these features, there are many more biology templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides to make all kinds of presentations you want. One of the advantages of these digital materials is that they can be used in several platforms and formats.

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