Colored Pencils style Template

Colored pencils have many significant features in art, because depending on the use, they can provide different techniques in a painting such as background or brightness. The colored pencils style template is ideal for creativity topics, explaining all these features is very simple if you use this digital material. This educational resource is ideal to easily capture the attention of children, as it has creative and colorful designs.

The colored pencils template for PowerPoint and Google Slides is composed of 36 slides that contain in turn vectors, charts and timelines. In addition to all these attributes this ppt material has a very original stamp, which you can fully modify for your presentations. Don't wait any longer and download for free or use online this predesigned presentation, also available at Canva.

Free Colored Pencils style Template for PowerPoint and Google Slides

Main features

  • It has 36 slides
  • The size is 16:9
  • Variety of editable graphics
  • High quality images
  • More than 100 icons
  • The predominant typography is Gochi Hand
  • The main color is Red

Download this template

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