Earthquake Template

An earthquake, also known as an earthquake or tremor, is a natural geological phenomenon that occurs when accumulated stresses in the Earth's crust are suddenly released. This causes the propagation of seismic waves through the Earth, generating oscillatory movements on the surface that can vary in intensity from slight vibrations to violent shaking. Today you can take advantage of the custom designed earthquake template to create your own disaster presentations like an expert on the subject.

Our earthquake template for PowerPoint and Google Slides includes amazing images, animations and backgrounds that reflect the destructive power of this natural disaster. On the other hand, it has 40 slides that can be customized from any program on your pc or through an online platform such as Canva. The most surprising thing is that this presentation includes statistical graphs and timelines that specify this type of facts. In short, downloading this free ppt resource is a must for you if you are looking to talk about this type of incident.

Free Earthquake Template for PowerPoint and Google Slides

Main features

  • 40 slides 100% editable
  • 16:9 widescreen format suitable for all screens
  • High quality royalty-free images
  • Easy to edit layouts for presenting or printing
  • Included resources: charts, graphs, timelines and diagrams
  • More than 100 icons customizable in color and size
  • Main font: TT Norms Bold
  • Predominant color: Brown

Download this template

Are you looking to talk about this kind of topics, but you don't know how to prepare a presentation? Well, the solution is in our repertoire of Google Slides themes and natural disasters PowerPoint templates. Here you will find ready-made ppt designs so that you only have to enter your information and get ready to give your presentation.

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