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Calculators are devices designed for the purpose of performing arithmetic calculations, the creativity of man that led him to create this tool. It was the inspiration for modern computers and even for supercomputers that perform complex calculations such as simulating the detonation of nuclear bombs. Its usefulness has escalated so much that today all cell phones have within their native applications a calculator. That is why in this opportunity we bring you the calculator template for PowerPoint and Google Slides.

This ppt resource is made up of a set of 36 slides with professional designs and 100% editable. On this website you can find the most outstanding, creative and professional. In the calculator style template you will see dynamic elements that facilitate the interpretation of the topics you want to discuss. Simply download it for free to use it in your favorite editing program, the best thing is that we now have it available on Canva.

Free Calculator Template for PowerPoint and Google Slides

Main features

  • 36 slides 100% editable
  • 16:9 widescreen format suitable for all screens
  • High quality royalty-free images
  • Included resources: charts, graphs, timelines and diagrams
  • More than 100 icons customizable in color and size
  • Main font: Fredoka One
  • Predominant color: Blue

Download this template

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