Female Empowerment Template

The empowerment of women is a constant struggle that has become more relevant over the years. In history, there are many women who have contributed to create spaces for new generations. Here we have the female empowerment template for PowerPoint and Google Slides, this resource will help you to capture the constant struggle of this gender to assert their rights.

When making a presentation, the most difficult moment is to make everything look attractive and tidy. That's why our female empowerment template was strategically designed to make everything look the best possible way. This makes the explained content stand out and reach everyone who observes it. Download this digital resource for free and use it in PowerPoint, Google Slides and even Canva. Ideal for developing a presentation for leadership and women's empowerment workshop ppt.

Free Female Empowerment Template for PowerPoint and Google Slides

Main features

  • Gather 35 slides for you to choose from
  • The size does not exceed 16:9
  • Has a variety of graphics that can be changed
  • Includes high quality images
  • Has a variety of icons that can be adapted according to the needs of your presentations
  • The type of character used in the template is Bevan
  • The predominant color is Purple

Download this template

Without women, the world as we know it would not exist. That's why we have on our website a huge compendium of templates about women. You can choose from multiple options with different colors, elements and images that highlight the beauty of women. Be the most professional in your team with the best slides.

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