Marine Diving Template

Marine diving is defined as a physical activity, used for professional, scientific or military purposes, mostly with the help of special equipment. Its main objective is to adapt the human organism to an environment indifferent to the natural one, in order to get to know closely the flora and fauna that inhabits the aquatic surface. Just for this topic, we prepared the marine diving template, which will make it easier for you to illustrate presentations on sports activities that include contact with water.

Our marine diving template for PowerPoint and Google Slides comes with a collection of images, illustrations and vectors in maritime style. It brings 30 slides 100% editable and perfectly compatible with Canva, a platform popular for its live recording tools and online graphics insertion. If you want to stand out from the rest by a professional presentation and exclusive content, this is your chance, download this ppt resource for free and try this popular design right now.

Free Marine Diving Template for PowerPoint and Google Slides

Main features

  • 30 slides 100% editable
  • 16:9 widescreen format suitable for all screens
  • High quality royalty-free images
  • Easy to edit layouts for presenting or printing
  • Included resources: charts, graphs, timelines and diagrams
  • More than 100 icons customizable in color and size
  • Main font: Rubik Light
  • Predominant color: Blue

Download this template

Today in our category of Google Slides themes and sports PowerPoint templates you can find many designs to illustrate the 250 officially recognized disciplines. The best of all is that by downloading for free any educational input from this list, you will have the possibility to instantly customize all its images, background colors, vectors and content in general.

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