Peace Template

Peace is crucial for the good development of society, since it seeks to live in a space where there is a total absence of war. In the professional sphere, it is important to promote this value, using this Peace template for PowerPoint and Google Slides presentations. This ostentatious template includes 34 slides in total with which you can make from graphics to the best timelines.

Besides the fact that the vectors included in this Google Slides and PowerPoint template are unique, as is its design and backgrounds, they are fully editable to your liking. The most valuable thing is that it is completely free and the download option is available to use it more conveniently for presentations. If you are looking for more editing capabilities, we recommend using our Canva format that will make it easier for you to customize this pptx resource.

Free Peace Template for PowerPoint and Google Slides

Main features

  • Gather 34 slides for you to choose from
  • The size does not exceed 16:9
  • Has a variety of graphics that can be changed
  • Includes high quality images
  • Has a variety of icons that can be adapted according to the needs of your presentations
  • The type of character used in the template is Roboto Slab
  • The predominant color is Light blue

Download this template

It is important to educate the little ones with the value of peace and other virtues that will be useful for them to be better people in society. Therefore, we bring a wide list of education templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides, so you can instill good values to the little ones at home.

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