Productivity Template

Understanding how productivity works in business is undoubtedly a key factor that ensures success, since it will be possible to design the necessary techniques to increase sales. Based on this, the best way to capture this topic is by using this digital material to make PowerPoint and Google Slides presentations. This magnificent template has many resources to use, with 36 slides at your fingertips that include graphics, timelines and vectors that will make the presentations have greater reach.

There are many factors that promote the proper functioning of productivity in business and with this template you can outline them all. The great thing about this productivity template is that despite being equipped with all these resources, it can be downloaded and is free, which is very beneficial to reduce costs. This very charming and modern design is also available on the Canva presentation platform.

Free Productivity Template for PowerPoint and Google Slides

Main features

  • It has 36 slides to use
  • Its size is not variable, it is at 16:9
  • Includes graphics that can be adapted to your professional needs
  • The images are eye-catching and very good
  • Contains unique icons that can be modified to your liking
  • Text is in Bevan font
  • The predominant color is green

Download this template

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