Red Cross Template

The red cross is known as a worldwide humanitarian organization founded in 1863 and has many functions focused on health. In this sense, to capture everything about this organization, you can use this Red Cross template in your PowerPoint and Google Slides presentations. Best of all, it has a professional quality design that you can download for free to use for medical, educational and work purposes.

The 36 slides that make up this pptx material include charts, diagrams, icons, images, vectors and impressive timelines that you can use to organize your content. Our Red Cross template is an excellent choice for these topics thanks to its successful design, created inspired by this international humanitarian aid committee. The best of all is that we give you the ease of use in Canva, this to have better results when inserting your content in the ppt.

Free Red Cross Template for PowerPoint and Google Slides

Main features

  • It has 36 slides
  • The size is 16:9
  • Variety of editable graphics
  • High quality images
  • More than 100 icons
  • The predominant typography is Poppins
  • The main color is Red

Download this template

Nowadays, presentations on diseases, accidents and other risks that may affect people's health are very popular. Therefore this time we bring you a variety of medical templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides, which are free to use.

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