Rubik's cube Template

The famous Rubik's cube has a great history, since it was created by an architect in order to explain to his students how to solve structural problems. To further explain the history of this game it is convenient to use this digital material to make PowerPoint and Google Slides presentations. This Rubik's template has 36 highly dynamic slides for this topic and these in turn contain charts, timelines and vectors for use in Google Slides and PowerPoint.

The most attractive thing about the template is its design and its variety of backgrounds, it is also totally free and can be downloaded without any problem. This architect wanted to show how to move each of the parts of the cube to solve the structural problems without damaging them and thanks to predesigned ppt all this can be captured. You also have the possibility to make presentations in Canva with this material that we have, these will have a more striking appearance and will be much more understandable.

Free Rubik's cube Template for PowerPoint and Google Slides

Main features

  • It has 36 slides in total
  • The size does not exceed 16:9
  • Contains an endless number of graphics that are fully adjustable
  • The included images are of high visual quality
  • All icons can be modified
  • The template is presented in Bevan font

Download this template

We have a wide repertoire of game templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides, all of them taking design according to their specific theme. These predesigned templates will help you to complete your projects faster, as they have everything you need to make a successful presentation.

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