Crayon Template

The technique of painting with crayons is better known as dry polychrome or grease, it allows to make thin and thick strokes. This technique is often used in educational areas as a complement to many subjects, this digital material for PowerPoint and Google Slides is perfect to talk about crayons. This template has 36 slides with which you can make charts, vectors and timelines. With an indescribable and mind-blowing design, each background will amaze you.

This template for Google Slides and PowerPoint is completely free and can be downloaded without any inconvenience. Knowing the history of this technique so used in children is important to have a good theoretical basis and with this educational material you can achieve this goal. Give that creative style that the little ones at home like so much with this ppt, now also available in Canva.

Free Crayon Template for PowerPoint and Google Slides

Main features

  • Gather 36 slides for you to choose from
  • The size does not exceed 16:9
  • Has a variety of graphics that can be changed
  • Includes high quality images
  • Has a variety of icons that can be adapted according to the needs of your presentations
  • The type of character used in the template is Gochi Hand
  • The predominant color is Yellow

Download this template

In addition to this model, there are many more creative templates that will be useful when it comes to putting your content on slides for later presentation. These didactic resources are available in PowerPoint, Google Slides and Canva, the most widely used platforms for preparing presentations.

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