Notebook style Template

The notebook is a school article present to this day in the classrooms of many countries, since it is used to take notes of the subjects or courses dictated. There are presentations with blank sheets especially for drawing, as well as lined for letter courses and gridded for numbers. If you are immersed in the world of education, undoubtedly the notebook style template is essential in your immediate use, as it fits perfectly for student issues.

Our notebook style template for PowerPoint and Google Slides brings a custom style fully editable and moldable to your tastes. Each of its slides comes with images, vectors, charts and timelines, these tools are important to make your presentation more interesting. You can also use its format compatible with Canva to create online presentations, it is very simple, just download this free ppt resource and select the platform of your choice.

Free Notebook style Template for PowerPoint and Google Slides

Main features

  • 32 slides 100% editable
  • 16:9 widescreen format suitable for all screens
  • High quality royalty-free images
  • Included resources: charts, graphs, timelines and diagrams
  • More than 100 icons customizable in color and size
  • Main font: Arial
  • Predominant color: Gris

Download this template

Education is the best gift anyone can receive, as it is the training and preparation for the challenges of the future. To do our bit, we make our repertoire of Google Slides themes and education PowerPoint templates completely free and available to any user visiting our web portal.

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