Making PowerPoint Presentations with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is advancing rapidly. It is no longer enough to have models that generate images and words: why not have one that does both and creates slideshows? Apparently, that's what the creators of TomeApp thought.

Although it was launched recently, on December 28, this IA is quite complete: it includes headers, images, graphics, layouts and various themes... and this is just the beginning. In addition, ChatBCG is able to export the presentation in PDF format, and allows us to edit the text and use it as a basis for our own projects.

To run and interpret the text we write, Tome uses the OpenAI API and then translates it into presentations. Silas Alberti has already announced that more topics will soon be available, as well as conversational editing and data-generated graphics.

Now making presentations with Artificial Intelligence is possible thanks to TomeApp

How to use TOME to create your presentations
1) Access the website through our referral link
2) Click on "Sign up and claim credits" and proceed to create an account.
3) Click on "Create" and enter a command in "Create a presentation
4) Tome will start writing the presentation on the chosen topic and generate images with artificial intelligence.

How to export presentations generated by TOME to PowerPoint, Google Slides and Canva

This is currently not possible officially, but the website has the option to download the presentations in PDF format if you subscribe to its pro version. However here we come to bring you a very practical solution.

The method we discuss is to first generate the presentation in TomeApp with all the steps mentioned above, once you have it ready you go to and in the search engine of this website you put the name of the topic you want to present. Example: Dentistry, then you download that PowerPoint, Google Slides or Canva template and then open it, then you go to the Tome website to proceed to copy the text and images one by one and paste them into the template you downloaded in slidesppt.

Video of the procedure

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