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In recent months, the web has seen a proliferation of tools that make use of artificial intelligence for the purpose of performing specific functions, such as generating images, writing texts and even creating music. These tools can become valuable resources when they find applications in work and educational environments. On this occasion, we are pleased to recommend four websites that employ artificial intelligence to generate the content of your PowerPoint, Google Slides and Canva presentations.


Tome is a website that uses artificial intelligence to make slides automatically, taking advantage of ChatGPT's capabilities for text generation, but also of DALL-E 2 to make your own images. This tool allows you to generate presentations just by telling it what is the topic of your interest and it will take care of the rest. Now if you want to export the slides to other presentation forms, we have a post where we show you how to export TomeApp presentations to PowerPoint, Google Slides or Canva. We must take into account that when you create your account you will be given 500 points and for each presentation you generate you will consume 75.

Free Plan: 500 points
Monthly Plan: 8$

To start using this site the first thing to do is to register, we recommend you to use our affiliate link to get 50 additional points:


The advantage of this tool is that it is totally free, and it allows you to generate presentations just by telling it what the topic is, entering commands in the language you want. With this powerful technology, you will be able to create impressive slides with the content of the theme you indicate to the platform. If you don't like the result, this tool has its own online editor for you to modify the content, images and decorations to your liking. The best thing about this website is that you can easily export the content generated in pdf format.

Free plan: Unlimited

Just sign up with your Google account at and proceed to create all the presentations you want in no time.


Creating a presentation from scratch takes a lot of time and skills that many of us do not have. This platform will make things easier for us, we only need to enter the name of our preferred theme and select the size 16x9 and the simplified tool will take care of the rest. This platform also contains an online editor for you to make the adjustments you think necessary and then download your presentation in pdf format.

Free plan: Limited
25,000 words: 20$.
75,000 Words: 50$.

In order to use this platform after registering, it is necessary to enter its presentation generator from:


The fourth alternative we present is the popular online design platform Canva, which has a specialized section to create presentations. In order to use its tool that allows you to make use of artificial intelligence to generate the content of your presentation, it is important to have your account configured in English(Us). Then go to the presentations section, select the 16:9 size and once inside the slide, look for the "Magic Design™" button, then write the topic you want to present and that's it.

Free plan: Limited
Pro plan: 8$ monthly

We must emphasize that the tool to generate content on the theme indicated in the slides is available only in the English version of this platform. But as we indicated you just have to change the language to your account and you can enjoy this feature.

Extra: Slidesai

As a last alternative we present this platform, which only has the function of layout in slides the content you insert, add images and decorations to the presentations. This tool is ideal if you already have a document, essay or any other text that you want to present and you have little time to do it yourself. The detail is that this ia is only compatible with Google Slides, but once inside this Google visual support you can download it in pptx format.

Free plan: 3 presentations per month
Monthly plan: 10$.

You can access this platform through to take advantage of all the benefits and create your presentation in a matter of seconds. You only need to register on their website and have a Google Slides account.

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