Beach Template

Beaches are one of the most recreational coastal ecosystems in the world that exist for tourists, but they are also a delicate environment that must be given proper care. In this regard, the best way to capture all the care not to pollute the beaches is using this beach template for your PowerPoint, Canva and Google Slides presentations.

This magnificent resource pptx is free and can be adapted to your professional needs, since it has 35 slides that in turn include functions to make graphs, vectors and timelines. Also, this beach template for Google Slides and PowerPoint has a unique design and backgrounds that fit the theme of the topic, but in turn are fully editable.

Free Beach Template for PowerPoint and Google Slides

Main features

  • It has 35 slides
  • The size is 16:9
  • Variety of editable graphics
  • High quality images
  • More than 100 icons
  • The predominant typography is Andika
  • The main color is Light Blue

Download this template

We currently have a wide variety of water templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides that will make your presentations have an incomparable stamp. By using these templates, you can export your presentations in Canva, as well as include formats such as ppt that are of high quality to improve the aesthetics of your presentations.

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